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PLG School visit May 27

PLG School Visits
Lake view   School. 430   Ed 
Connecting with the Maori Community
A merged  School including intermediate and 2 others , one decile8 the other  decile 2  .No connections with the school and community 
Members of the TOA group took the staff meetings
Under 5 dimensions of Tataioko ,groups that included a Parent discussed what these meant to the community
TOA has a constitution that we could use as it outlines strategy and direction
The BOT give TOA the licence and mandate to operate
Principal is exec member of TOA 
5 year process from initiation to current status
Moving staff to be as committed ........how is he going to do this ?

Note to me 
Make sure I  have the folder on Maori engagement when speaking to schools about our community connections..the what and how........then the actual academic outcomes
To do.....discuss Kelly and Jack
Entry interviews ...capture this in writing ..info given by Patents to us...Transition classes  could do this here ..
Develop a Whanau advisory group on site
That is Jack Nathan Jacob how can we get another representation
 Deane , Shane and Raymond could we get Trieste or Wiremu too?who are our Maori Parents? The group needs a name and could work like the PTA ...similar to the original Roopu group
We need to meet regularly and formalise the minutes ie zTermly....and discuss the achievement data and what is the next thing we want to achievement 
Meeting time .......7-9  food mahi Tahiti- Kai Tahi....our hangi and concert is our end of year event , could be a Matariki celebration event as well food sharing and again the community Parents put it on teachers are the guests
Could we actually meet and have Parent Reps in our discussions with a Maori Rep......maybe a BOT , Staff and Community session
Powhiri of welcome each term to welcome new staff and children

The ultimate dream ...Parents can come into the classroom at any time  and that here is a place where parents an come into to make coffee and chat at any time ...LC5 ..our staff room , how would this go with staff ? Preschoolers at M tea time or would it be more likely to be at start and end of day?
Invites and encourage Parents to come to Te Puawai 

Parent tutor for reading and writing in Juniors , some training and specific help time working within the Junior school again.....ask for some volunteers , then train them and set up the roster ,,,not mum in Johnnys class 

Have we documented  our PD  with Jack?

Who are our Pacifica?,,,,,Drews place with this and his clear role as Samoan and also active part of TePuawai

Learning discussions   Term 1 and 3 written in T2andT4
Interviews are communal....so teachers sit around coffee table with the parents 
Coffee and tea available ..all one time ie 15 minutes ..same booking format etc
And BOT and Principal have own space in waiting area to chat too 
Get outside before and after schools....be available and visible 
While learning discussions are on could have Matt, Margaret and I with little booth to chat about ICT , Inquiry Learning, Support programmes ...helping Reading writing Literacy at home

Jared .. Talk to principal at Haumoana and Lakview re use of Facebook 
Re Logistics 

Amesbury School 
Chart on Park
Windows contribute to openness
Wide doors.  Allow Parents to see in and feel connected and acknowledged
Teacher desks out . Team teachers it too many desks chairs
No space owning , nothing on windows ...window pen only
No display wires and ownership of individual spaceBig space....big ideas
Get rid of the teacher being in charge..wall displays are the learning journey a d the now..if stuff is not on line then it has to be somewhere
Goggle forms for trips q

Us making a difference to their lives and the lives of others

Doing the stuff like how to read.  Basic maths computations. Shifting writing levels is quick instruction ,then kids practice.....slow down and creat time for deep learning........based on concept of the worl,d .,,,,,,,,,
Principled, chaotic,..what are the words for the world view
Making connections and knowing kids .cut out the fluffiness and talking time ..ie morning talks etc .. Do our kids need talking experiences  ? ESP after the transition time?
All seniors using license session that Terri runs
During  SDL time Juniors might have timer to be back on time independently

Link these to Nga Matapono
Inter cultural competency
Making and creating

Kelly    Altako participation, with mihi ,and writing relevance etc can contribute to making comment about cultural competency. 
Learning process is permanently vinyl lettered onto the wall and then write straight around it 

Snappers ...self directed lessons on tv put up by teacher ...independent teaching points ..done once and kids access it themselvesq

Distinction furniture.......wobbly stools

For  our leadership day 
Call spaces learning hubs remove personal ownersh by the adults
Getting rid of furniture and onto flexi comfortable furniture .....
Have outline on big paper and then add to it together
21CLearning Encironment to push the boundary about what MLE can look like
 Aspects ....Nga Matapono.......do we include community and a sense of place
Remove barriers to learning ie Library....kids should be able to access all their things for learning without waiting for adults.
Depriving  our school...refer teacher discussion notes, open rooms and staff room clear windows get rid of the wirs and the shit hanging around , clean out the spaces  deck utter, showing the learning either by book, wall or digital ..who can do what

Education has got to e about how we ,I've in the real world.....what can I do today that will ate. Difference for us and those around us.....Lanes words 
add here
Kids need to e insiders I their qwn learning....learning how to learn,next learning steps choices 
Implementation of the dimension aspects

Conceptual responsiveness/ integrated curriculum
Authentic contexts inquiry based 
Experiential, real life learning pace

Personalised learning 
Choice of tools
Inquiry focus
Learner s profiles are very important and teaching has to be tailored to this

Community involvement
Openness generosity

Max organisational flexibility
Team teaching flexible time tabling
Emerging and changing needs
Flexible groupings
Workshops,master lasses ,clinics
Wide variety of ICT tools 

Outcomes.  Engagement. Practical wisdom 
Happiness, success

Why to create a just an equitable world

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